“God’s Plan: The Road to God’s Forgiveness and Salvation” 1/20/2021″Fresh Manna” Pastor Tim Burt

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Written by Pastor Tim Burt for “Fresh Manna”  @ https://timburt.org/

Original post @ https://timburt.org/the-road-to-gods-forgiveness-and-salvation-and-the-gift-of-heaven/


God’s Plan: The Road to God’s Forgiveness and Salvation, and the Gift of Heaven

Fresh Manna
by Pastor Tim Burt

Hi friend! Thanks for taking the time to read this. I have written this because I don’t want to take for granted that all my readers understand how Heaven becomes their future home and is a gift from God that you cannot personally earn. I frequently talk with people who are trying to earn their way to Heaven through some personal effort of worthiness. Although God wants us to live Christ-like  living a good and godly life, that’s not the answer to How do I get to Heaven? Heaven is a gift of His grace. Hopefully if you read this and look through the…

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