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How to Use Earth Magic

Harness the magical energies of the earth to empower spells and rituals for fertility, creativity, prosperity and protection.

Earth is a sensual element that will change prosperity charms, fertilise your creative spells and help your magic to grow. The optimum time of the week to perform earth magic is on a Saturday, rules by the earthy planet Saturn, or a Friday rules by Frigg, the Norse Earth Goddess. If possible choose dawn or dusk when the magical half light is neither day or night, a truly mystical time.

The Magical Outdoors

Earth spells are most powerful when performed outside. A wood, cave, hill or moor make a natural sacred space in which you can attune to the earth’s energy, infusing your spell casting with the forces of nature. If you live in the city, a park or garden can be just as effective. After using…

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