CINDY POLUTA: Parents are tired. But we must accept that life sucks right now

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A must share for us parents, an interesting read…

As a parent, I am exhausted – and the academic year hasn’t even started yet for the majority of children. Constantly waiting to hear what future awaits our children feels like I have run a marathon. In fact, running a marathon is easier because there’s a definite finish line.
At the moment COVID-19 keeps moving the finish line.

There’s millions of questions that run through one’s mind, but the loaded one is: Do I Have The Strength, Energy, Patience And Skills To Get My Child Through Another School Year?
And the answer is, you probably don’t.

But you have no choice, and the helplessness of having no other option is in itself draining.

We need to stop calling it homeschooling.
Firstly, homeschooling is something parents choose. It’s a calm, organised, planned programme. What we’re doing is crisis-schooling. It’s thrown at us…

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