TYMNHS: Movie Arrival (2016)

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With aluminum monoliths showing up in different places around the world and with more people talking about extraterrestrial beings, I thought this movie might be a good pick for this edition of Things You Might Not Have Seen. In this blog post, I will highlight the 2016 alien movie Arrival.

In recent years, I have seen the trend of aliens being shown as gentle creatures and humans as being the aggressors. I don’t know if it is because we know ourselves too well at this point and it is a reflection of increased cynicism of our own world, but I like considering aliens as friends rather than enemies. What makes the movie Arrival unique?

  1. I was surprised when a linguist was the first person send to talk with the aliens. I was not surprised when the message was misinterpreted, lol.
  2. The concept of time. It is not linear in…

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