Observing Your Breath Exercises

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Observing Your Breath

Focus your attention on your breath, coming in and out. Observe your breathing as a way to centre yourself in your wise mind. Observe your breathing as a way to take hold of your mind, dropping off non-acceptance and fighting reality.


  1. Deep Breathing – Lie on your back. Breathe evenly and gently, focusing your attention on the movement of your stomach. As you being to breathe in, allow your stomach to rise in order to bring air into the lower half of your lungs. As the upper halves of your lungs begin to fill with air, your chest begins to rise and your stomach begins to lower. Don’t tire yourself. Continue for 10 breaths. The exhalation will be longer than the inhalation.
  2. Measuring Your Breath By Your Footsteps – Walk slowly in a yard, along a sidewalk, or on a path. Breathe normally. Determine the length…

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