Plant Tissues

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Plant Tissues are stationary or fixed and most of them are dead. Dead cells provide mechanical strength and needs less maintenance. Some plant tissues divide through out the life while others not. So based on their dividing capacity, plant tissues are classified into: Meristematic Tissues and Permanent Tissues.

Meristematic Tissues:

  • The dividing tissues are known as Meristematic Tissues.
  • They are located at specific regions only.
  • The characteristics of cells changes as they grow and mature.
  • They have dense cytoplasm, thin cellulose walls and prominent nuclei.
  • They lack vacuoles.
  • Based on the location, meristematic cells are classified into: apical, lateral and intercalary.
    • Apical meristem – Found at the tips of stem and roots and increases their length .
    • Lateral meristem – Increases the girth of stem and roots.
    • Intercalary meristem – Present at the base of leaves or internodes.

Permanent Tissues:

  • They perform specific functions.
  • They don’t divide.
  • Their ability to…

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