How to make perfect puffed roti / phulka / Indian bread

Essence of life

The real trick to make each and every perfect puffed Roti / Phulka / Indian bread.

When it comes to having lunch or dinner, everybody relishes on the hot puffed roti / Phulka or as called the Indian bread.

You can have it with any curry or stir fried vegetables or use it as a roll to eat with any spread like jam, nutella etc. Just a dollop of ghee or butter is also such a treat when the phulka is served hot.

Actually I didnot know without paid plan I cannot post videos. Wish I could post it! I had actually recorded all phulkas so that one could get first hand demo. Hope the photos help atleast a little. Posting a lot of photos to give a glimpse that with this trick each roti is sure to puff up.

  • So let’s get started.
  • 1 cup any whole wheat flour

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