Dialectical Open Mind Thinking

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Dialectical means that 2 ideas can booth be true at the same time. What does dialectical open mind thinking mean? Here’s a view of what is it :

  • There is always more than one true way to see a situation and more than one true opinion, idea, thought, or dream.
  • Two things that seem like (or are) opposites can both be true.
  • All people have something unique, different, and worthy to teach us.
  • A life worth living has both comfortable and uncomfortable aspects (happiness and sadness; anger and peace, hope and discouragement, fear and ease etc).
  • All points of view have both true and false within them.

Examples :

  • Your re right & the other person is right.
  • You are doing the best that you can & you need to try harder, do better, and be more motivated to change.
  • You can take care of yourself & you need help…

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