The First Ever Recording of Molkwerum Frisian

Foundation Operation X for languages, cultures and perspectives

Written by Dyami Millarson

It is my honour to present to you the first recording of Molkwerum Frisian. In fact, this is the first recording of Molkwerum Frisian that has ever been made because when Molkwerum Frisian went extinct in the 19th century, no recordings had yet been made of the language. In addition, if you click on the record button below, you will be among the first to hear the sound of Molkwerum Frisian after it has been gone for more than one and a half centuries; you will be part of this historical moment where you can witness the return of the sound of Molkwerum Frisian!

I could not have expected such a beautiful language to appear. I am surprised by the result as well. It sounds a bit like Hindeloopen Frisian.

The reconstruction of Molkwerum Frisian has been made possible by my studies of the Frisian languages…

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