Don’t Be Happy With Who You Are

Brandon Ellrich, Writer/Author/Poet

“Be happy with who you are!” You’ve probably heard or been told this many times. What I’m going to say will be contrary to this, but try to be open-minded.

First of all, I think it is good to be content with what you have. Constantly striving to get more, make more money, and never happy with having less than others will leave you in a continuously discontented state of mind. I don’t know why someone would choose to live in such an unhappy place, except if they have low self-esteem issues and feel the need to impress others with their possessions or job.

On the other hand, I believe that no matter how “good” a person is, there is always room for improvement. All of us can be kinder, more forgiving, more empathetic toward those who are different from us. No one is perfect, and if you believe that…

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