Do You Remember the Time…?

Brandon Ellrich, Writer/Author/Poet

When you try to recall an event or you are asked about a time from your past, why are some memories more easily recollected than others? Significant memories are tied to physiological and/or emotional reactions. If you want to make memories that last, you must make as many connections as possible, whether visual, physical/kinesthetic, auditory, but especially emotional.

The emotional connection seems to be the strongest of these responses. If you think back to an event from your past, did you have superficial, surface conversations, or were they more significant, evoking an emotional response?

If you want to make or hold on to memories of certain events or interactions with people, consider engaging in discussions or conversations that are on a deeper level, or perhaps euphoric, prompting laughter. Allow yourself to express feelings that are more significant than what is part of your normal, everyday rhetoric.

Adding your other senses…

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