Cooking and Poetry. Barbecue delights

tales told different

There is something about cooking in the wild,
Lighting a handsome grill,
Ferrying buckets of marinated treats,
Anticipating the taste of mystery,
Searching for the flavour of danger,
The succulence of adventure,
And the spice of possibility…

Beneath the watching stars
Underneath the looming trees
I lay my barbecue canvas
And look at you then wonder,
What is your barbecue delight?

As a lone wolf howls beyond the reserve
I grease a stack of ribs upon the grill
Perfect, with a sprinkled chilli salt
And a large sweaty pint of beer
A guarantee of satisfaction.

Ribs and a pint

As the night owl hoots amongst the trees
I splay a juicy salmon on the flames
Parsley and lemon do the trick
But add a whisky on the rocks,
And enjoy the pheromone romance.

Salmon and whisky

While a cricket creaks and the bullfrog croaks
I spring a last surprise

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