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Working with GarnetPart 1

The power of garnet can be used to work in protective charms, in talismans for good fortune, and in rituals for healing and to give energy.

Traveller’s Stone

Garnets have been used since Ancient Greece to protect travellers. A garnet amulet was believed to protect the bearer from all perils while travelling, making it an ideal stone for modern day commuters. Charge your garnet with positive energies before you travel, as shown below :

  • Obtain a piece of garnet or garnet jewellery and bless it with the elements. Pass it through incense smoke, flame, water and earth saying “Powers of air, fire, water and earth, keep me safe on all my travels.”
  • As you do this, see both the stone and yourself surrounded by a shining, red circle of protection. Now you can carry the garnet with you whenever you travel.

Bless garnet jewellery with…

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