5 Animals I’d Like To Be And Why 🐘🐬🕊🐓🦉 – Leverage Ambition


I literally was just talking to my son about what type of animal he’d like to be.

He quite curtly responded, ‘no animal, I just want to be a kid.’

‘Oh okay,’ I said.

Was it lockdown or adulthood that makes me want to transform into an animal vs an adult human mom boss?

Not sure. But if I had to pick 5 animals that I’d like to turn into, this is what I’d choose.

1. A seagull

They get to fly across the Pacific Coast Highway, up mountains, and aren’t afraid to beg for you McDonalds on the beach. The ability to fly is really appealing and I’d rather fly as a seagull them a man in a RedBull wingman suit. I’d like to try their cliff diving but I don’t think I’d make it. Merp.

2. An elephant

I feel like I like to blackout certain years and…

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