10 Ways to Become a Badass | Leverage Ambition

1. Don’t be afraid of people getting angry or mad at you. Not everyone is going to approve of your path, and fate says you need to go your own way.

2. Invest in yourself. You are your greatest asset. Investing in yourself means start that 401k, try that new business venture, go out of your way to start doing what you love. You only live once so no need to get caught up in a job that will hire someone to replace you in a week if you died today. You are replaceable there, but your ideas are not and are the essence of you.

3. Let your past go. People don’t change. Your life is too short to be worried about something bad that happened 30 years ago. Reset and be bold, forgive and let go.

4. Say no. Set boundaries for yourself. You are…

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