How to Use Waíhts and Waíht in Gothic?

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Written by Dyami Millarson

There is a difference between the usage of waíhts and waíht in Gothic:

  • Gothic feminine noun waíhts+ adjective may be used to translate something/anything + adjective: waíhts hweita, something/anything white.
  • Gothic neuter noun waíht + ni may be used to translate nothing: ni waíht hēr hweitata ist, nothing is white here.

Observe that the grammatical gender of waíhts and waíht is different: the former is feminine, the latter is neuter. This matters for the correct declension of the adjective in Gothic, as seen in the examples above where the femine form hweita and the neuter form hweitata are used.

The Hindeloopen Frisian nâât and niks, Molkwerum Frisian (currently extinct) naat and *niks, Schiermonnikoog Frisian and Terschelling Frisian net and niks, Shire Frisian net, neat and niks, Sagelterlandic Frisian nit and niks, Heligolandic Frisian

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