Ch – 3 Nazism & The Rise Of Hitler (Part 2)

Priya's Learning Centre

Q.1: In 1919, Hitler joined a small group called _________________.

a) German Labour Party

b) German Workers Party

c) German Imperial Party

Q.2: By ________, Nazi Party became the largest party in Germany.

a) 1932

b) 1928

c) 1926

Q.3: What promises did Hitler make during his speeches ?

i) To restore dignity of German people.

ii) To welcome all foreign influences.

iii) To secure the future of youth and provide them employment.

iv) To undo the injustice of Versailles Treaty.

a) i, ii and iv

b) i, iii and iv

c) ii, iii and iv

Q.4: President Hindenburg offered ______________, the highest position in the cabinet of ministers, to Hitler on 30 January 1933.

a) Vice-President

b) Prime Minister

c) Chancellorship


Q.5: On 3 March 1933, _________________ was passed, which established dictatorship in Germany.

a) Enabling Act

b) Fire Decree

c) None

Q.6: The project by Hjalmar Schacht…

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