Ch – 14 When The Earth Shook

Priya's Learning Centre

Q.1: On ________________, a disastrous earthquake occurred in Kutch, Gujarat.

a) 26 December, 2001

b) 26 February, 2001

c) 26 January, 2001

Q.2: Why were the villagers gathered in the school ground ?

a) To watch sports competition.

b) To watch parade.

c) To watch inter-school cricket match.

Q.3: How many people died in Jasma’s village ?

a) 5

b) 6

c) 10

Q.4: ____________ was the sarpanch of Jasma’s vllage.

a) Motabapu

b) Chotabapu

c) Nanabapu

Q.5: What kept the villagers awake at night ?

a) Fire and Cold

b) Fear and Cold

c) Animals and Cold


Q.6: Who brought food, medicines and clothes for villagers ?

a) People from cities

b) Foreigners

c) People from NGOs

Q.7: _________ and __________ showed new designs for houses, so that houses would not get damaged much in an earthquake.

a) Engineers and Architects

b) Architects and Construction workers

c) President…

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