One fish, or: Two fish

The skeptic's kaddish

The curmudgeon went clumping along,
Mouthing a rude, curmudgeonly ~
      BLEH!       RUBBISH!
   He was thinking 'bout all that was wrong
   With those rhymers with whom he didn't ~
         HARUMPH!                                          FEH!

   A poet of whom he wasn't so fond
   Had approached him, but he didn't ~
                                          GO AWAY!
He'd turned, stomping off to dun pond
Where he'd oft go to stare off ~
                                      SCREW 'EM!

Stunned to see the fish cavorting in pairs,
He was caught totally ~
   Sinking, gurgling desperate prayers
   Wet, dark death to which nothing ~

   They glided 'bout him, bubbling rhymes
   Tinkles deep in his mind, fine bell chimes
Nudging gently, time after time
Sweetest kisses like stanzas sublime

Laying gasping ashore
He'd transformed at his core
   Verses soulful poured forth
   From mild man; curt curmudgeon... no more

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