Who do you remind me of?

Behind The Curtain

“I like you. I don’t know why. There is something about you.” Those were her words.

I look down at her shoes. Her shoes remind me of those ruby slippers of Wizard of Oz fame. Although, these slippers were green and made the woman even more interesting.

Fascinating, really.

She liked me enough to sympathize for me. I was in another mind at the time. I was a little more open about myself. I had more self confidence.

It’s magic

To me, this mood has the power of attraction. The way I say my words. The way I compliment. Its all about them and less about me.

I just might put my spell on you. I may put myself into your head. The words I say are not rehearsed. They are very honest.

You may call it the voodoo mood.

It’s more of a personality. A man of mystery.


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