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Hello Jim,

I have a question that… may be a bit strange and is more about author
etiquette than writing itself.

Some time ago, I’ve contacted the author of one of my favorite books,
asking him whether he’d be okay with me making a reference/easter egg
(or how people call it these days) to his book. I’ve already considered
that quite daring but, to my surprise, he agreed.

Now that my book is done, I wonder whether I should contact him again
and offer him a copy of the book but, as I’m new to being author and my
knowledge of author etiquette is minimal, I don’t know whether this
might be the right thing to do, or not. Part of me sees it as an
expression of gratitude and another part as rudely showing my book to
someone else’s hand.

And, on the side line, the doubtful me keeps…

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