Boy, I am glad that 2020 is over!


Upon reflecting, it has been a difficult year but I am still thankful for all the blessings I received. Also, I considered myself to be one of the lucky people who survived it.

Sadly, I have friends and acquaintances who lost their loved ones in such a short time. I know folks who had Covid-19 and are still recovering from it. These group of people are the toughest and bravest bunch I have ever encountered in my life.

As I see senseless deaths over the news, I deeply felt some anguish and frustration to those people who did not take care of themselves and other people’s welfare. Some even refused to believe in science. All these deaths could have been prevented if everyone respected the need for masks and social distancing.

I am hopeful that the vaccine will be made available to everyone soon. It will surely take a long…

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