How Nice Is Too Nice

Banter Republic

I’m probably in thetop 2 nicest people you’ll ever meet and I’m not number two. For some people, they imagine that being extra nice is the best manner of approach. You have people begin sentences with;

Please don’t be offended oh, I just want to…

Wait a minute! Why are you instructing me to not be offended? What did you do? In fact, I’m already offended! What’s your problem?

Feigned niceness. Some of the niceties stem from a huge cultural indoctrination. People have been taught that being nice is a sign of respect reserved only for the elderly. Worse still, half the time, they don’t even mean it. How else can an individual say?

With all due respect sir, I think you’re one of the dumbest individuals I’ve come across in my twenty rainy seasons here on earth

Not nice. Some people have mastered the art of…

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