Film Review: Over the Top

Milam's Musings

This tagline for 1987’s Over the Top isn’t even true? Stallone’s character doesn’t know that his son ditched his grandpa and is coming to Las Vegas to see him arm wrestle, and even aside from that, Stallone explicitly said he’s arm wrestling to win a new truck. I suppose you could say with the long-term goal of getting the son back from the grandpa, but that seems like a stretch!

It’s only fitting that 1987’s Over the Top would be my 10th Sylvester Stallone film this month because while it’s … over the top … it’s the perfect distillation of what made Stallone … Stallone in the 1980s: cheesy 1980s power ballads (a lot of those), musical montages (the one at the end of the movie feels like something right out of any of the Rocky films), underdog meekness (Stallone speaks so quiet in this one), pep talks, lots…

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