TV Review: Bones

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Apparently, my pandemic year is the year in which I finally watch shows that others have been watching for 15 years. First, in the summer, it was Supernatural, which started in 2005, and now, it’s another 2005 show, Bones. The same friend recommended both, and she wasn’t wrong about Supernatural, so I figured I’d give Bones a shot. I’m three episodes into the first season, but I also want to use this post to wax nostalgic about something: network television, of which this is, airing on Fox.

There’s something so distinctive about the shows, most of which are procedurals (what it sounds like, a show focused on police officers going through the process of solving a crime, typically within 41 minutes, as it happens!), that air on the network stations Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, The CW, and others. The second I’m watching one, like Bones

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