Growth #4: Reflection – The Grief Reality

This year is coming to a close, and this will be one of my last Wednesday posts of 2020. I want to take you through my year, through the development of hobbies, new and old, through the posts I have written, through the medium that expresses me best: writing. I love writing, it really is and always will be, a huge passion of mine. I often think about how when I was little, I used to write about dragons, and sword fights, and warrior maidens, yet now my words have to be written with care. There is a lot of trust that comes with writing about grief. You have to be aware of the mindset the person who may read your words may be feeling. You have to think quietly whether your word choices are peaceful enough. I love it; elegantly putting into words an emotion I feel, or reading someone’s post articulating an emotion I have being trying to process. Then there are the times I write for me, and I use the words that simply divulge the emotion from my soul, and lift it from my substance. It feels good; wonderful in fact. It feels lovely to have someone quietly listening in. Witnessing my pain. Writing has been my hobby for the longest time. It is my greatest friend, and has seen me through many years, and when I look back, it shows my growth the exact same way a log shows a trees years in rings. There is freedom in writing; and freedom in being listened to. At the beginning of the second lockdown, I fell in love with reading all over again. I love the gentle pages, and the familiarity of the action. There is so much comfort to be had from slipping between the pages and being surrounded by words, opinions, colours and images. A hobby of mine that I have discovered throughout 2020, has been houseplants and growing things. I think it is humbling to have a plant living with you, and thriving under your care. To truly love and look after without expecting anything in return, teaches you so much more about yourself than you would realise. This year has also been the year I truly got into and enjoyed cooking and baking. Learning about food, what is good for you and not, has been the foundations of a great and healthy relationship with self-care for me.

Growth #4: Reflection – The Grief Reality

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