Emmaus Retreat Centre

Divyakarunya Convention Mallappally 2014 – Fourth Day 21st December

MCBS Emmaus Retreat Centre, Mallappally

മല്ലപ്പള്ളി ദിവ്യകാരുണ്യ കണ്‍വെൻഷൻ 2014

Fourth Day – 21st December 2014

Talks by Bro. Pallathu Pappachan

Adoration by Bro. Santhosh Christeen

will be uploaded soon

Mary Mother of the Eucharist

Emmaus Retreat Centre

Mallappally West P.O.,

Anickadu, Pathanamthitta – 689585

Mob. 09496710479, 07025095413 (Common Numbers)

Fr Eappachan: 09447661995, 09495683234 (Personal)

Email: emmausrc@gmail.com

Facebook: Emmaus Retreat Centre

Web: https://emmausrc.wordpress.com

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