Easy Hyderabad chicken dum biryani


Welcome to Little Chefs Apron! Today we’ll make an Indian speciality, chicken dum biryani. This recipe is usually aromatic and doesn’t take up a lot of spic but you can customise as per your taste. This recipe is made in two halves.

The chicken


Bone or boneless chicken

2 tsp Garam masala( if you don’t have that, you can make a homemade masala with star anise, nutmeg, fennel seeds and jeera)

1/2 cup curd

2 tsp Indian spices and salt

1 Cinnamon stick

2 Cardamom seeds

1 1/2 long chopped Onions

3 to 4 tbsp Mustard oil

1 tbsp ginger and garlic paste

2 tbsp mint and coriander leaves

1 bay leaf

2 green chilli


. These measurements are for 8 chicken drumsticks , so remember that the quantities of the above ingredients depends on the amount of chicken or mutton you are using.

. First you have…

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Cinnamon cupcakes without all purpose flour, refined sugar,butter and milk!


Welcome to Little Chef’s apron! Today we will be making something that I tried for the first time! I wanted to make something using minimal ingredients. It turned out very delicious and it was a little shocking because I thought that the ingredients I am using will cause a huge difference.

My family and I wanted to find something equally delicious and healthy. And as I was experimenting, I went with this recipe. It uses water in place of milk, brown sugar instead of refined white sugar. I am using oil instead of butter and wheat flour instead of maida.

This recipe has very low calories and is almost a guilt free dessert! I have now decided that this is my normal cupcake recipe since it makes no difference in taste at all and is equally yum!

Supporting my mom!

My mom just started an Instagram page about home decor…

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Spotlight Photography – Still Life – Memories Speak – A photo by Goff James

Art, Photography and Poetry

Photo Attribution, Goff James,Still Life – Memories Speak, 2017

Copyright (c) 2021 Goff James – All Rights Reserved

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Art Photography Poetry

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Do failures Necessarily Lead to Success?

Shayan's Sphere

Almost everyone of us is familiar with the very well known proverb that failures are the stepping stones to success. They say that to achieve success failure is a must and almost all the renowned and pre-eminent personalities who got the opportunity to climb the stairs of immortality had to face the torment of failure at least once in their lifetime. But there is one question still unanswered. Does failure necessarily lead to success? And the most important point, is the concept of failure and success necessarily applicable to each and every individual who wants to do something profound in their life? Let us understand the same with the help of a story.

Once there were four boys studying in the same class and all of them were weak in their academic studies. They all wanted to do something big in their life but almost all of them were devoid…

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ये जो हुआ,,,उसे होना ही था एक दिन……..

A Stubborn Girl

ये जो हुआ
उसे होना ही था एक दिन
जब बीज उसने बोये थे
तुम्हारे भीतर प्रेम के और तुमने
सींचा था उन्हे अपने सम्पूर्ण समर्पण से
तभी सुनिश्चित हो चुका था इस घटना का होना

हरकते दिखला रहीं थी उसकी
एक छोटे से अन्तराल के पश्चात
परिवर्तन होगा उसका ह्रदय गर्भ
जन्मेगा एक नया प्रेम उसके भीतर
जो कैद हो तुम अभी उसके
मन- मस्तिष्क-ह्रदय-धड़कन मे
होगा कोई अन्य एक वक्त पश्चात

तुम कुछ ही वक्त के लिए हो उसकी जिन्दगी मे
तुम कुछ ही वक्त के लिए हो उसकी जिन्दगी
तुम इस सत्य से अभिन्नन थे
किन्तु यथार्थ यही है
और आज देखो ना घटित भी हो गया

किन्तु तुम प्रलाप मत करना
क्रुदन मत करना+क्योंकि
तुमने सह चुका है यह पीड़ा
इस क्षणिक प्रेम के दिखावे के पूर्व ही

तुम्हे इस बात का स्मरण रहना चाहिए
यदि तुम्हारे भाग्य मे प्रेम वास्तव मे ही होता
वह पहला…

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Book Review – The Lost Hours by Susan Lewis #BookReview #BookBlogger #suspense

Shalini's Books & Reviews

This post contains affiliate links for products and services I recommend. If you make a purchase through those links, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.


I was quite excited by the premise of this book. A petty crime and the DNA sample of the daughter led to the linkage of a murder 20 years ago.

Sienna’s small thievery led to the men in her family to be implicated, namely her father, uncle, and grandfather. And now it was upto mother Annie to deduce the truth as during an alcoholic binge, all the men had lost their hours of memory in 1999.

The premise was exciting but the prose was too detailed in the smallest of actions to show how close knit the family was. The suspense of the mystery of those lost hours was diluted to the point that only the last…

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Blessed are the Pure in Heart for they Shall See God

Veil of Veronica

Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes at Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, Alabama – Photo taken by Shawn Sulak

The past several months have been a whirlwind of suffering, beauty and miracles. The Lord continues to purify. After moving my parents into my home because of my mom’s broken hip, and after recovering from COVID, I was able to go to the Easter Triduum. The Liturgy on Holy Thursday made me weep as the Priest washed the feet of 12 men in our parish. I felt spiritually protected in that moment as I remembered the closing of churches the previous year. I was just so grateful to be there.

At the Easter Vigil 9 people came into the church. Nine people who fought through restrictions and lockdowns just to be able to have the chance to join the church that Jesus left us, in all it’s mess…

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At this point, I’d follow the ones from Venus

Marilyn's Room

Okay. If you can believe this, there are actually still some super ridiculous white people who think that B L M is a real thing and that anyone who doesn’t support these horrific r i o t s  protests is actually racist…

That is so Summer 2020, gang.

These are violent riots, backed by whatever is left of s o ro s’s open  society.  A c o lor r ev o lu tion, meant to destabilize the Constitutional Republic.

If you still are managing to live in any of these targeted, dem-run cities, stay home. Ri  ots are still raging.

And if folks don’t want to believe you that these ri  ots have nothing whatsoever to do with ” racism,”  direct them to the many recent headlines re: how the founders of B L M are now worth millions and living in affluent “mostly white” enclaves.

B  L …

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Crag Etiquette

Editor’s Note: This presentation was prepared by Bill Ramsey and The Southern Nevada Climber’s Coalition (SNCC) in unison with The Red Rock Climbing Center in Las Vegas, NV. theDIHEDRAL was granted permission upon request to share this information in an effort to raise awareness about climbing outdoors.


Photo by Gabriel Hohol on Pexels.com

  • Learn safe practices, belaying, spotting, cleaning anchors, etc.BEFOREHAND.
  • Do Your HOMEWORK!!!
    • Always have a back-up plan.
  • DoNOTclimb on sandstone if it rained in the last 36-48 hours!!!


Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com


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Spiralling to clarity

Heroes Not Zombies

I love spirals. I find them quite captivating. My attention is caught by them and I’m drawn close to contemplate them. I’m not sure what it is that makes them just so beautiful, but, to me, they are amongst the most beautiful shapes in the universe. You can see them around you in many places of course….in plants, especially climbers which use this method of finding places to hook onto, then pulling tight to hoist themselves upwards. But also in ferns, and in plants which throw out creepers and tendrils which stress across the ground. We humans often create spirals in our art. Maybe it’s because I’m Scot, because like most Scots I’ve been steeped in the traditional Celtic and Pictish complex knots, three armed spiral shapes which we call the triskele, and intertwined ribbons which swirl around each other. However, I suspect it’s not just those of us with…

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Some may be disturbed, others fascinated

bushboys world

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Textures
Jez’s Macro Textures #2 and I’m a Fan of #105: Insects
Ragtag Daily Prompt Wednesday: Insect

Little soldier, little insect, you know war it has no heart

Blue-banded Bee cruising through

The Dragonfly

A Cicada with water drops

A very very small Jewel Spider

An Assassin Bug

Just wandered onto my computer screen

OK you know what’s coming

It’s big

It’s hairy

It’s beautiful

But if you have to go on go back up and listen to the song again

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My Butterfly!

Offshore Writings

I have a garden, colourful and sweet,
In it, is a Butterfly so exquisite,
And my love for it would never fluctuate!

Love compasses all, they say,
It may seem true all the way,
Until the one thing that you love, starts to fly away!

Love is a beautiful bridge,
Once broken, can never be built,
The pain it causes can never be dealt.

If you love someone, set them free,
If they comeback, they are yours,
If they don’t, you’ll cry for hours!

My Butterfly has now left my garden,
It’s wings have become beautiful and wide,
I pray, that it doesn’t land on a poisonous vine.

The garden now lays desolate,
I’m gonna burn it down with Ethyl Acetate,
I badly want somebody to stop me before it’s too late!

Hi, hope you all are doing good! Recently I’ve been so busy, I wasn’t able to post regularly…

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Caramelized Onions

In Dianes Kitchen


Caramelization is the browning of the natural sugar in the onions which results in a sweet nutty flavor and brown color. I ate this entire bowl of onions as my supper. I do not like raw onions, however, when you caramelize them they taste completely different. They are delicious on just about anything you would normally put onions on or eat them like I do, right out of a bowl.


Slice the ends off of the onions and peel.


Cut each onion in half.


Slice each half about 1/4” thick.


Separate the segments.


In a large skillet over medium low heat, melt the butter.


Add the onions, salt and pepper to taste.


Cook and toss until cooked

through and a golden brown.


Place onions on top of your favorite

food or eat right out of the bowl.

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